Have you completed the KDSG Jobseekers Registration?


  1. Sign up here to REGISTER and CREATE YOUR CV online. Thereafter you can use your online CV to apply for Kaduna State Government Jobs
  2. Select “Jobseeker
  3. After you complete the “Create Jobseeker Profile”  click “Register” and WAIT for the CV/Resume form to appear
  4. Complete the “Create New Resume” and preview then submit/post


  1. RETURN TO THIS PAGE!!! and click any of the job opportunities below

AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED PART 1, you can now apply for any of the job opportunities listed in green

  1.  Kaduna State Civil Service
  2. Training and Work as a Dry-Season Wheat Farmer    (this opportunity is closed)

All applications to GOVERNMENT/MDAs is FREE and will ALWAYS BE FREE; be it Resume submission or Job Application, if its coming to government, then it’s FREE. Your resume will be on the dashboard that will be used for candidate selection