1. Office of the Governor
    1.1 Bureau of Public Service Reforms
    To initiate, coordinate, monitor and ensure full implementation of government reform policies and programs.
    Address:      8 Wurno Road
    Off Rabah Road


1.2 Kaduna State Media Corporation
A pace-setter in providing excellent broadcasting service whilst promoting unity, peace and development of the people as well as being the pride of Kaduna State and Nigeria.

Address:      1 Wurno/Rabah Road
PMB 2013 Kaduna


  1. Office of the Deputy Governor  
  1. Secretary to the State Government
    Address:               General Hassan Usman Katsina House
    P.M.B 2002
    Phone:                  0809 046 77743.1 Government Printing Department
    Established to undertake all printing needs of the then Northern Nigeria and now Kaduna State
    Address:      Yakubu Gowon Way
    P.M.B. 2020,Kaduna
  1. Office of the Head of Service
    4.1 Civil Service Commission
    To appoint, promote and ensure disciplined and dedicated Kaduna State Civil Service workforce using modern techniques and professional staff for efficient and effective public service delivery. The civil service commission handles recruitment of personnel into the Mainstream of the State Civil Service.

Address:      No. 15 Kanta Road,
Off Independence Way,
P.M.B. 2025 Kaduna
Tel:               062-236969, 210876

  1. Ministry of Justice
    Address:               State Secretariat Complex
    Independence Way
    P.M.B 2072 Kaduna
    Phone:                  0703 501 9700, 0905 576 8457, 0802 841 7198
    Twitter:                @MOJKaduna
  1. Ministry of Budget & Planning
    Address:               State Secretariat Complex
    Independence Way
    P.M.B 2032 Kaduna
    Email:          ,
    Phone:                  0818 407 8662
    Twitter:                @KDMoBP
  1. Ministry of Agriculture
    Address:               State Secretariat Complex
    Independence Way
    P.M.B 2103 Kaduna
    Twitter:                @KDMoAF
  1. Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism
    8.1 Department of Tourism
    Address:      4 Bida Road Kaduna
    Contact:       Ms. Hayet Aliyu
    Director of Tourism
    The department of Tourism came into being under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism when the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was dissolved in 2015. The department is responsible for the development and promotion of tourism, the improvement of tourism amenities and facilities and the provision of advisory services and information related to Tourism.The department of Tourism is responsible for registering and monitoring Tourism outfits such as event centers, recreation parks & gardens, travel agencies etc.

          To register your hotel, please contact

9. Ministry of Water Resources
Address:               State Secretariat Complex
Independence Way
P.M.B 2347 Kaduna
9.1 Kaduna State Water Corporation
Provision of potable water at a sustainable rate
Address:      Olusegun Obasanjo House,
Yakubu Gowon Way
PMB 2133 Kaduna
Phone:          08035993187, 08057598404, 08057598420-4,
08057598426-8, 08151389996, 08150583204
Twitter:                    @kdswb

9.2 Kaduna State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASSA)
This agency is responsible for providing rural/small towns potable water supply integrated with sanitation
Address:      Bank Road, Kaduna

9.3 Kaduna State Water Services Regulatory Commission
The commission is responsible for water services regulatory functions in the State
Address:      State Secretariat Complex
Independence Way
P.M.B 2347 Kaduna

10 Kaduna Geographic Information Service
Address:               31, Ali Akilu Road,
PMB 2078, Kawo,
Phone:                  0903 210 2632,0905 800 8251

11 Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport
Address:               Sokoto Road, Kaduna

11.1 Kaduna State Traffic and Environmental Law Enforcement Agency (KASTELEA)
Address:      Ministry of Works Yard,
Sokoto Road, Kaduna
Twitter:        @kastelea

11.2 Kaduna State Facilities Management Agency (KADFAMA)
To acquire, hold, manage, maintain, develop and reinvigorate physical, economic and utility life in Kaduna state assets; and where the need arises, dispose of property or interest in property, movable and fixed that belongs to the state.
Address:      5 Yakubu Gowon Way (former ministry of information)

12 Ministry for Rural and Community Development
Address:      Sokoto Road
P.M.B. 2020, Kaduna

13 Kaduna State Tenders Board
Address:               10 Yakubu Gowon Way

14 Ministry of Health and Human Services
Our mission is to ensure the delivery of quality health care services to all the people in Kaduna State by providing clear policy directions and implementing all necessary health plans in collaboration with relevant stakeholders
Address:               Independence Way
PMB 2014,Kaduna

14.1 Drugs and Medical Supply Management Agency (DMSMA

14.2 State Primary Healthcare Agency (SPHCA)
Address:      78 Tafawa Balewa Way,Kaduna
Phone:          0809 885 1190

14.3 Kaduna State AIDS Control Agency (KADSACA)
Address:      20 Katuru Road
Unguwar Sarki
Phone:          0819 055 3130, 062 383842     

15 Ministry of Finance
Our mission is to professionally engage both human and material resources in the promotion and development of industrial growth in Kaduna State
Address:               Independence Way
PMB 2014,Kaduna

15.1Kaduna Industrial and Finance Company Limited
Our mission is to professionally engage both human and material resources in the promotion and development of industrial growth in Kaduna State
Address:      27 Ali Akilu Road,
Investment House
Phone:          0803 451 3036, 0703 504 7993

16 Office of the Auditor-General
The auditor-general is to ensure that there is accountability in the receipt, custody and disbursement of public funds, for the proper administration of the activities, functions, operations and programs of the government and its various agencies
Address:               14B Abdulrahman Okene Road (formally Lafia road)
PMB 2018,Kaduna
Phone:                  0802 373 0026

17 State Emergency Management Agency
To protect individuals and communities through coordination and integration of all activities necessary to build, sustain and improve the capacity to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to and recover from threatened or actual natural disasters or human induced disasters
Address:               33 Yakubu Gowon Way
PMB 2204,Kaduna
Phone:                  0803 315 3419

Fire Service
HQ:                       Ibrahim Taiwo Road,Tudun Wada Kaduna 0803 465 5502
Zaria:                   Kofar Doka Zaria City 0803 577 2215
Kafanchan:         Madakiya Road Kafanchan 0809 196 9111,0802 380 2080

18 Ministry of Environment
Our mission is to ensure a serene environment through the protection, conservation and sustainable management of Natural Resources for all development of the state and to establish sustainability in our communities and industries in the state
Address:               State Secretariat
Independence Way, Kaduna

18.1 Kaduna State Environmental Protection Authority [KEPA]
The authority is charged with the responsibility of addressing all environmental problems in the state including but not limited to organizing programs aimed at changing people’s negative attitudes towards environmental management for sustainable development
Address:      No. L 10 Link Road Unguwar
PMB 2398,Television
Kaduna South
Phone:          0802 798 8388

19 Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Our vision is education for self-reliance and sustainable development. We shall work with all stakeholders to enable every citizen of Kaduna State to learn to be self-reliant, productive and contribute to sustainable development, so as to alleviate poverty.
Address:               State Secretariat
Independence Way
P.M.B. 2017,Kaduna
Phone:                  0818 407 9036

20 Ministry of Local Government and Chieftancy

20.1 Local Government Service Commission
To lead and manage an effective, efficient and ethical unified Local Government Service in Kaduna State, delivering quality services to the people at the grassroots level.
Address:      No. 16 Muhammadu Buhari Way
PMB 2238, Kaduna