Kaduna State Development and Property Company

The Kaduna State Development and Property Company (KSDPC) is a State-Owned Enterprise established on July 8th, 1991 by the Kaduna State Development and Property Corporation Edict, of 1991 to replace, acquire the assets, expand the sphere of operations and commercialize the defunct Kaduna State Housing Authority. KSDPC is focused on providing affordable housing and commercial real estate to accommodate the rapidly expanding residential and business demands of residents and investors in Kaduna State.


To engage in the business of Real estate.



The African model for sustainable and innovative real estate services.



To provide real estate solutions by nurturing a culture of partnerships with our stakeholders to create sustainable habitats.


Core Values

Integrity: KSDPC is committed to the highest standards of ethics and transparency in every aspect of our business which guarantees quality service delivery to our clients.

Teamwork and Partnerships: KSDPC operates by merging the expertise of its staff with the vision of stakeholders to deliver optimum real estate solutions.

Openness: KSDPC thrives on openness which engenders creativity and ingenuity leveraging on innovative ideas, concepts and processes.

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