Ministry Of Human Service & Social Development


  1. Policy formulation and coordination of human services and social development in the state.
  2. Promote and protect the welfare of women, youths, and vulnerable groups in the state.
  3. Monitor compliance and ensure enforcement of provisions of the Child Welfare and Protection Law, 2018.
  4. Encourage and promote women’s civic, political, cultural, social and economic education by boosting their cooperative societies’ participation and engagement in creative entrepreneurship.
  5. Promote integration and inclusion of vulnerable groups and eliminate all social and cultural practices that discriminate against them.
  6. Develop and implement social protection programmes, including a social safety net and conditional cash transfer.
  7. Monitor the implementation of the equal opportunity agenda of the Government.
  8. Ensure the eradication of child trafficking, ‘almajiranci’, and child labour by enforcing the Government’s free and compulsory education policy.
  9. Support the work of relevant Non-Governmental Organizations and coordinate with Nigeria women organizations.
  10. Coordinate, encourage and support youth activities in the state.
  11. Promote the organization of exhibitions, performances and festivals of Arts and Culture in the state.
  12. Ensure the promotion and preservation of Arts and Culture in the state.
  13. Regulate and coordinate the registration of youth groups, cooperative societies and development associations.

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