Christmas Message by Malam Nasir El-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State, December 2021

I wish to facilitate with the Christian faithful on the special occasion of Christmas. This festival celebrates celebrates the birth of the Prince of Peace, and the timeless values of compassion, love, tolerance and forgiveness that the birth and example of Jesus Christ so profoundly teach. Christ was not limited by the circumstances of His birth. He set for us an example of the power of faith, providing an assurance that we can be better than our current circumstances.

We celebrate Christmas in difficult times. Despite the currents that buffet us, we should keep hope alive as we honour the Prince of Peace. Let us commit to peace and goodwill towards all. We can all, as Christians as well as Muslims, emulate the example of Jesus Christ. We can strive to be better than we are today, combining our faith with exemplary conduct.

We pray to God Almighty that the blessings and lessons of Christmas will spread all through our State and move us to be better people. The festive aspects of our celebration of Christmas may be limited by the continuing threat of Covid-19. But as people of faith, we know that God’s love is unlimited; that amidst the trials and tribulations that confront us, the Almighty still avails us many reasons for joy in His Grace and gratitude for His protections.

Every citizen has a duty of personal responsibility as part of the collective action that is essential to curbing the spread of Covid-19. I appeal to all Kaduna residents to comply with the current public health regulations and practice personal responsibility by wearing our facemasks, observing social distance, washing our hands regularly with soap and water and avoiding large gatherings.

I call on all Kaduna residents to join hands with us to make our State peaceful and safe for everyone by upholding peace and harmony.

May the good Lord continue to protect us and bestow His grace upon us.

Merry Christmas and God bless you all.


Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, OFR

Governor of Kaduna State

24th December 2021

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