Kaduna is one of the major states in Nigeria. One etymological account states that Kaduna derived its name from the Gbayi ethnic group, which has lived there for centuries. Another source states that it derived its name from the Hausa word for crocodile, Kada. While the actual account can never be established, its diversity, geographic importance and rich history cannot be in doubt. As a result, Lord Frederick Lugard, the Governor General (1914-1919) of Nigeria moved the capital of the Northern Region from Zungeru to Kaduna.

In 1967, Kaduna became the capital of the North Central State, which was created from the Northern region. By 1976, General Murtala Mohammed gave the state its name. In 1987, the military administration of General Ibrahim Babangida created the state of Katsina from Kaduna. Interestingly, the Nok tribe, one of Africa’s earliest civilizations is located within the area that makes up Kaduna. The state slogan is The Centre of Learning because it is home to a number of prestigious institutions. The Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA), Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Nigerian College of Aviation, Zaria, Barewa College and Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic among many others.

From the colonial era to the contemporary period, Kaduna has maintained a reputation as a state with a huge pull factor. Myriad tribes around Nigeria have settled in Kaduna and called it their home for years. Till today, the state continues to be a hub for cosmopolitism. While its influence and development has lagged from its distinguished position as the power of base of the North to a static state. It still has the potential to elevate its status in Nigeria and around the world. Many would argue that’s Kaduna’s destiny.