Kaduna has made history, voted for reforms -El Rufai

Governor Nasir El Rufai has said that Kaduna state has not only made history by electing the first female deputy governor in the far north but the people have also signified the continuing of his reform programmes.

In his acceptance speech yesterday, El Rufai also called on those who didn’t vote for him to join hands with his administration to build a better Kaduna state.

The governor also said that the people of Kaduna state voted for equal opportunities and genuine development and growth by his resounding victory.

El Rufai who also commended voters for rejecting politics of parochialism and elites’ penchant for pursuing narrow interests by using sentiments, promised to unite the people of the state.

The governor further said that he acknowledges and respects the preferences of citizens who didn’t vote for him, but appealed to them to join hands with him to build the state.

“We would listen to their concerns but we invite them to join hands with us so that we can build a better Kaduna state, ” the governor appealed.

According to him, “elections are over and so should the division and rhetoric that certain persons and groups chose to inject into the campaign. It is time to come together and continue the work of rebuilding Kaduna state.

“Where there has been strife, let us seek calm through accord and reconciliation. Where suspicion and ill will have reigned, let us enthrone goodwill. We can do so much for the good of our state and its people when we come together, ” he counselled.

El Rufai also reiterated his commitment to the unity of Kaduna State “around common values anchored on equal citizenship, law and order and protection of constitutional rights “

“Let us all see and value each other as human beings descended from Adam and Eve. Let us end the misuse, abuse and manipulation of religion for personal gains. Religion should be a personal matter. Our identities should not become barriers to our common humanity. Our doors are open to a new chapter of concord, ” he also said.

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