Kaduna Releases Zangon-Kataf (Market Riots) Report

In February 1992, riots broke out in Zangon-Kataf following disagreements about a planned relocation of the market in Zango. The Justice Rahila Cudjoe Commission of Inquiry submitted its report to the Kaduna State Government in June 1992. (View Here)

However, a second outbreak of violence occurred in Zango in May 1992, which was followed by disturbances in other parts of the state. The Cudjoe Commission submitted a report on these events in September 1992. (View Here)

The Kaduna State Government has not been able to establish if a White Paper was produced into either or both of these reports. In the interest of providing a full account of one of the most tragic episodes in the history of the state, it has been decided that the reports be made public.

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