LG Polls Campaign: El-Rufai thanks Kaduna People

Malam Nasir El-Rufai has expressed his gratitude to the people of Kaduna State for the warm reception the APC team received during its local government election campaign. He stated that the government introduced electronic voting because it believes in free and fair elections and urged the people of Kaduna State to back the APC in the elections.

It has been my privilege this week to lead the APC team as we campaigned across Kaduna State. We have been thrilled by the enthusiastic reception we have received everywhere we have been, from the rolling hills of Sanga to the plains of Soba, from Zaria to Zango-Kataf.

I wish to thank the people of Kaduna State for giving us a warm welcome. The APC looks forward to your expressing the same vigorous support by electing our candidates to lead the 23 local government councils that our reforms have turned into better instruments of government.

As we campaigned, we have engaged with our people and shown what we are doing to make life better across the state. There is no zone without at least 300 projects. Within our limited resources, this government has invested in Education, Health, Roads and Water everywhere. 

We have made our case. One of investing in the people, and their potentials, and in giving their children stronger foundations for the race of life. We ask for your votes for the candidates of the APC because the party has worked for you and is ready to do more with your support.

The APC government has freed our local governments from the trap of bankruptcy. We have taken necessary steps to make them solvent, and able to render actual service, not just pay those that work for them.

We have worked very hard. We have done a lot of projects on the ground. The people of Kaduna State know the difference between having a government that works for the people and a government that works for a few. 

I am confident that based on our track record, based on what we have done, the people of Kaduna State will come out and vote the APC in all our local governments. 

We have invested in electronic voting machines to make sure the elections are free and fair. And we will accept the results of the elections. We believe in free and fair elections.

We have worked hard. We have worked for the people, and we expect them to vote for us. But those that choose not to vote for us and vote another party, we will accept it as well.

We believe in God. We also believe that God gives power to who He wishes. We also believe in democracy. And the choice of the people is the choice of God, and we will not pervert the system just to win.

I urge every resident of Kaduna State to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner and respect the integrity of the voting process. Let us all ensure that our local government elections of 12 May 2018 set an example of orderliness and respect for democratic processes.”


Samuel Aruwan

Senior Special Assistant to the Governor (Media and Publicity)

10th May 2018

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