Update on Education Sector Reforms:

Kaduna says strike will not stop Education reforms

The Kaduna State Government today commended the teachers who reported dutifully to their schools. A government statement noted that although NUT officials tried to unlawfully prevent teachers from working, many defied this intimidation. The statement said that strike action will not restore bad teachers.

The statement disclosed that the government is collating reports from its Education administrators. It reiterated that all teachers that have absented themselves from work will face the severest penalties applicable in the public service rules. Appropriate reminder of the potency of these rules has been issued in previous government statements.

Across the state, the illegality of the NUT’s strike action is being compounded by physical attempts to frustrate those teachers who wish to work. No law permits any worker to tamper with another’s right to work. The attention of the security agencies has been drawn to this dangerous pattern of conduct.

The Kaduna State Government is resolute in its determination to protect the future of the children of the poor. Ordinary citizens are entitled to expect public primary schools to deliver a decent standard of education. At least two million pupils are enrolled in public primary schools and their interests come first.

Government is delighted to inform the public that marking of scripts of the 43,000 applicants for teaching positions is now concluded. The recruitment process to inject 25,000 qualified teachers into our public schools will now move to the next phase.

KDSG will not allow the selfishness of a tiny minority to ruin the future of two million children.


Samuel Aruwan
Senior Special Assistant, Media & Publicity
8th January 2018

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