Update on KDSG Covid-19 Fund: Donations to KDSG Covid-19 Fund reach N1.26bn

Cash donations to the Kaduna State Government’s Covid-19 fund have risen to N1.26bn. This is almost double the N641m announced in the first update.


The state government has expressed its gratitude to the individuals, firms and agencies that have donated to its Covid-19 fund. Many of the donors have kindly responded to the government’s stated preference for donations in kind. Others have also made their donations in cash and in kind.


KDSG also acknowledged the donations made by political appointees and all public servants in Kaduna State to the fund. The government also welcomes the contributions by the Kaduna State National Assembly Caucus and the honorable members of the Kaduna State House of Assembly. also made contributions to the Covid-19 to the fund.


The government thanked citizens who have donated sums like N10, N100 and N1000, noting that this gesture demonstrates that the spirit of charity is strong even in those who do not have much.


The state government described the donations as a concrete demonstration of concern for others, especially citizens deprived of any guaranteed income by the impact of the ongoing public health emergency.


The full list of donors, which will be regularly updated, has been posted on the KDSG website here


Muyiwa Adekeye

Special Adviser to the Governor (Media & Communication)

24th May 2020