Ministry Of Environment & Natural Resources


  1. Formulate and enforce State environmental protection policies, regulations and standards for sustainability in the state.
  2. Establish and implement mechanisms for control of desertification, drought, erosion, flood and other natural hazards.
  3. Demand and review environmental impact assessments and statements for all development projects in the state.
  4. Demand and review environmental audit reports for existing projects in the state deemed to impact the environment significantly.
  5. Protect and conserve the environment.
  6. Prevention of any act of omission or commission with adverse consequences on the environment and generally deal with waste disposal/discharge; solid, liquid or gaseous in the environment and to deal with any violations deemed hazardous to the ecosystem’s environment.
  7. Protection and sustainable utilization and conservation of forestry resources via scientific forest management practices
  8. Increase the State forest reserves/stock/forest cover to protect the state’s natural ecosystem from human activity.
  9. Supervise the local government councils to ensure environmental sanitation and sustainable waste management in rural and urban areas.

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