Ministry Of Public Works & Infrastructure


  1. Preparation of policies and plans for the provision of basic infrastructure for the state.
  2. Provision of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering services to the State Government.
  3. Determine the technical standards for providing water supply for domestic, commercial, industrial and irrigation purposes in good quality and quantity.
  4. Formulate water rate charging policies that enable cost recovery and setting efficient and reasonable charges to be determined by the Water Regulatory Authority
  5. Safeguard the interests of water producers and consumers in the state by ensuring all consumers, communities and local government councils pay cost-recovery rates for potable water supplied
  6. Ensure collaboration between Kaduna Electric and Local Government Councils to provide electricity to all communities in the state.
  7. Collaborate with NCC and Telco’s to provide telecommunication, fibre optic and digital wireless connections and services for all state communities.

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